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George Washington Museum Project

A year ago I had the privilege of gathering footage of the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain - two beautiful Tall Ships that have graced the silver screen in movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean." I published my footage and it grabbed the attention of Cortina Productions. They contacted me regarding a project for the George Washington Museum at Mt. Vernon. They were producing a film and interactive display that would allow you to make real time decisions as if you were George Washington. The film and project was called "Be Washington." They needed Tall Ship footage for use in a scene revolving around the 1793 Genet Affair and PacWest Drone Services footage was the best they had found! The project is finished, the content is amazing, and we at PacWest are proud to be a small part this project - providing professional, film level content to large production companies.

Here is what Daniella Equiguren, Coordinating Producer for Cortina Productions had to say:

"PacWest Drone Services's footage is unbelievable. When putting together our history film, we were on the lookout for historically accurate footage that would require very little editing on our part. By working with Rocky's team we secured a series of beautiful shots that look like a million bucks. To this day our client team is in awe of the footage, and the stunning effect of seeing tall ships firing in real life in unparalleled."

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