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What to know when contracting a Commercial Drone Operator

There are important things to know when searching out a operator to meet your goals. The first thing to know is that any person who operates a drone and takes any form of payment must hold a FAA part 107 certification, or a 333 exemption. As commercial operators we are required to take a FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test, and be tested on our knowledge on a recurring basis.

Second, insurance, insurance, insurance. It's important that any commercial operator carries blanket business liability, excess liability, and drone insurance. If you are looking to hire for stockpile volumes surveying, then you need to ask if the operator has errors and omissions insurance as well.

Lastly, ask your potential operator for examples of work. I have personally encountered operators who could operate their drones well, but when it came to post production of the video for their client, their skills were lacking.

PacWest Drones Services holds a current FAA part 107 License, is fully insured, and has 15 years of video post-postproduction experience. We have experience in aggregate stockpile volume surveys, real estate, commercials, and inspection for commercial industry.

"Lucy" my DJI Inspire 1.2 getting ready to film some high-end real estate.

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