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Elevate Your Adventure

Overland Trailer and High Country Tent

One of the things that is important to us as a company is that we genuinely get into the subject matter or products we are filming. Case in point: Free Spirit Recreation. Brian and I first came across GoFSR while on a filming trip to Bend, Oregon. I remember driving into the Old Mill District and going by this storefront that had a lifted Toyota 4-Runner with a sick rooftop tent and Overland Trailer attached to it. I could physically hear my lifted Toyota Tundra gasp in awe. After doing a questionable, mid-road maneuver to get into the parking lot, we ended up meeting some amazing guys at GoFSR that have a passion for adventure, and create amazing products that we had to have. Long story short, we ended becoming sponsored by GoFSR, so naturally we ordered the Overland Trailer with a rack-mounted High Country Tent. The trailer and tent system was so well thought out that I physically wanted to jump up and down with joy. Then we hooked it up to my Tundra, and as I stood back looking at the sheer awesomeness in front of me, I knew it was going to be a lasting partnership. We spend the next month planning our first shoot using the trailer. Brian and I decided on a multi-day trip to the Wallowa Mountains in Northeastern Oregon. The trailer performed beautifully, we climbed mountains, and got amazing footage. I love the Overland Trailer because when you hook it up to your vehicle it has this way of opening up possibilities for adventure, and adventure is something we love to film.

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