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Flying Steven Spielberg's Inspire 2!

It's one of those phone calls you remember. Murray Craig, who owns Firestorm and TBMUAS respectively, and someone who has years of experience in the drone world, reached out to me to do something I didn't think I would be doing - flying one of Steven Spielberg's brand new DJI Inspire 2 Pro's. I was incredible honored to be one of the first people to fly this amazing machine. The pressure was on given that DJI had assigned Serial Number's 1 and 2 to Spielberg, and I would be filmed as I'm flying it. Obviously you never want to end up being "that guy" who buried Spielberg's brand new Inspire 2 into the concrete. We went out to a hanger on the North Bend Airport property and began to set up the promotional tables. Interestingly I wasn't very nervous, just ready to get it in the air. As I went through the checks I could see that there was signal interference and no GPS signal as I was inside a hanger. It was still within the margin of safety but it always makes you a little more alert. As I brought the sticks down and to the center the motors came to life and, giving it power, it lifted effortlessly into the air. The Inspire 2 is incredible to fly. It is highly responsive, stable, and causes everyone to stop what they are doing and stare at it's awesomeness. I didn't mess around obviously, and we got the promo shots they were looking for and landed it safely. All I can say is I am thankful to have had the opportunity and can't wait to get mine in two weeks!

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